Feeling good in your body is your birthright.

Let me show you how to minimize pain.

Perfect vs. Ideal

Perfect vs. Ideal

How many of you know someone who accepts themselves just as they are? How many of you know people who are far too critical of themselves? When I ask...

Yoga and Emotions

Yoga and Emotions

Leaving class the other day I overheard something both beautiful and curious. A student who was leaving the class I just taught said to someone who...

What is Spirituality?

What is Spirituality?

I've been meeting with a group called the Center for World Spirituality. What's exciting to me about them is that they seem to be creating a place...

Have 20 minutes to change your life?

Come meet with me, share with me what you want to create for yourself, and I’ll help you come up with a 20 minute practice that meets your definition of fun, that also focuses your attention on what you want to create for yourself. Something you could weave into your daily rhythm.  Something that will super-charge your life.

What are you ready for?

  • Get out of pain?
  • Shed an old pattern?
  • Focus on a project?
  • Master a physical feat?
  • Try on a new way of being?

Let me help!

How does it work?

While things are working relatively well right now, we all have ways we want to grow. This takes action, and your body is the instrument of action. When you combine physical activity with mindful focus, you bridge the gap between intention and action. You literally infuse your body with what you want, and it releases that intention through your life the rest of the day.

I know – we are busy, so having a short practice that you can do at the beginning of the day sets you on a powerful course.  Your practice efficiently serves as inspiration, motivation and exercise is what I recommend, and what I want to support you with.

I’m known for

  • Helping people achieve things they didn’t know they could achieve
  • Asking just the right question
  • Making poignant observations
  • Explaining through evocative metaphors
  • Helping people enjoy their experience of life more

Making change can be quick and easy

A customized practice is extremely effective. Designed specifically to target your unique body, and save time because you can do it from the comfort of your own home – no taking time to head to the gym, just roll out of bed half awake, do the quick practice we came up with for you, and notice that you feel more awake and alive, more flexible, stronger, more “in your body” all day long.

Plus, you’ll have connected somatically to what you’re up to in your life, and you will stay more present to it throughout your day.

All that? 20 minutes? YES!

“I feel as alert as I do after coffee” – EU

Is there a special introductory rate?

Yes, just $65 for your first visit, and no charge if you’re not completely satisfied.

Call me to set up a time: 510-301-0747

If you’ve read this far, you’re at least curious. So make the call.  I’ll be nice 🙂  No pressure.

There are many possible futures.  Make choices that align with the best possible future for you.

What have you got to lose? It’s actually fun to spend an hour with me talking about your life and seeing how the expansive world of yoga can support you… once you know what you want.

What if I need more support?

If you want extra support in addition to the above towards living a more wonderful embodied life, of course I can help with that, too.

  • daily text reminders $20/mo
  • weekly 15min phone checkin around your practice and goals $125/mo
  • live update session where we look at your progress and update your practice: $100
  • weekly 90 practice session where we update your practice: $600/mo for the first three months

Thank you for your attention, please call 510-301-0747 so we can have some fun.