If you want to live from your heart
you’ve got to live in your heart
Living in your heart requires a willingness to face everything contained there,
including the hurt.

Yes, your willingness to face your hurt,
old and new,
is a prerequisite to living in love.
Any fear of feeling your hurt will have you taking too wide a berth,
missing your heart altogether.

Like a rock in your shoe,
it’s not wise to limp for too long,
relying on your other leg.

Like a rock in your heart,
it’s not wise to limp for too long,
relying on your mind, your ego.

Go ahead and feel the hurt,
let it guide you back to your heart.
Stop for a second,
Take off the protective layer,
look for the hurt,
When you find it,
ask it what it needs,
What it wants for you
Anything else?
Anything else?
and let it go if you are done with it.

Or not.
Keep it as a worry stone
to rub when you need a friend.
The important part is to reconnect with your heart.
To live from your heart.
To cease avoiding it for fear of further pain.

The real pain is living
in avoidance of your heart.